In order for your Mur product to stick, you will need a smooth, dry, clean surface. If your wall is damp, dirty, or dusty, clean it with mild soap or water. 
Wait for the the wall to dry completely before application. 

For freshly painted walls, allow 3–4 weeks to ensure that the paint is completely dry. Matte finish paint should be avoided as well as any “low VOC” or “zero VOC” paints as these are meant to repel dirt and stains but in doing so, also repel adhesive.

Squeegee, ruler or tape measure, level (laser or standard), pencil, & X-Acto knife

Pick a corner to start your design. It’s easiest to place your first decal in an area where there is a straight edge to guide you (such as where a wall meets the ceiling, cabinet edge, etc). This will allow you to position your decals in a straight and level manner. Pay attention to whether your home has a level ceiling, as older homes often have uneven walls. If you don’t have a straight edge to work with, use a level to mark off a straight line. 

Peel off decal from its paper backing and place in corner. After decal is applied, smooth with the squeegee from left to right to remove any air bubbles. Make sure the decal is fastened and flush with the wall.  If you make an error in applying the decal, simply peel it off, reposition, and reapply. 

Next, plan where the following piece is to be placed. We suggest carrying out your design row by row, either horizontally or vertically. Once you decide where to place your next piece, measure the correct distance with a ruler and lightly mark it with a pencil. Then, using a level, make two more marks in pencil to guide you in applying the decal level with the last piece. 

Apply the second decal in the position you have marked off, and smooth over with squeegee. 

When you get to an edge of the wall where a full decal won’t fit, simply trim the decal as needed. This may be done by applying the decal to the wall and, using a ruler as a guide, trimming along the edge with an X-Acto knife. Press firmly enough to score the vinyl paper but gently enough to avoid damaging the wall.

Repeat steps 1-5 until finished.

It doesn’t have to be applied perfectly to look great. Don’t get frustrated or nervous if your design gets slightly off, when it’s complete you won’t see the imperfections, trust us!

Simply peel the decal off your surface. If the decal is applied to a less porous surface such as glass, blow-dry our product on low heat to release the adhesive. This will make it easier to remove.